Great Moments in Mobile Radio History:

From the inside the greatest 3G Spectrum AuctionIn Europe spectrum for mobile services is auctioned to the highest bidder. The first place where this happened was the UK for the new 3G spectrum. The auction spun out of control. A staggering £22,477,400,000 was raised. It set the pace for the 3G auctions to follow in other parts of Europe. Over €80 billion was sucked out of the mobile industry by European governments. The Governments were delighted and perhaps to this day have no little or no idea the havoc that resulted in the mobile supply industry. Read the inside account of just why this first auction went so wrong. Click on the title to read this compelling analysis.

Two days in Paris set the road to GSMThe world is full of hidden hero’s. They shape our world quietly in the background but nobody ever gets to hear what they did. Radio spectrum managers fit into this category. They often shape our radio world 10 years ahead of the visible resulting changes we all then enjoy. So we never get around the thanking them. This account allows us to catch a glimpse for the first time of the important work of the spectrum managers – finding international agreements that enabled GSM to happen 10 years later. Click on the title to time travel back to Paris where it all began.